Workshop on Results Framework Management System (RFMS) for Directorates (equivalent to Responsibility Centres in the Central Government) of Government of Assam

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2013/09/25 to 2013/09/27
Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati, Assam

Background / Overview

The Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India organized a 3-day workshop on Results Framework Management System (RFMS) under the auspices of the Government Performance Management Peer Assisted Learning (GO-PEM-PAL), on the request made by the Government of Assam.  The 3-day workshop was organized in Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati, Assam from September 25-27, 2013. The workshop was attended by around 200 State Government Officials.

Significance of the Workshop

This workshop was special, as for the first time a State had requested for RFMS training for its Directorates (equivalent to Responsibility Centres in the Central Government).

Details about the Workshop

The workshop team was led by Mr. Sandeep Chugh, Resource Person (RP) and consisted of Mr. Sandeep Yadav, RP, Mr. Rakesh Choudhary, RP, Ms. Shivani Mehra, Junior Consultant & Mr. Dewesh Kumar, Programmer, from PMD; and Mr. Ritvik Mishra & Ms. Shreya Dutt, Knowledge Network Administrators, GO-PEM-PAL.

The workshop was held over a course of three days; where hands-on training on RFMS was imparted to around 200 government officials from various Directorates and Departments.

It was a full day workshop wherein, each day was divided into 2 parts. During the first half, the participants were imparted with theoretical knowledge about (a) the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) and Results Framework Document (RFD) in depth, (b) the recently developed Results Framework Document Evaluation Methodology (REM) and (c) the RFMS itself followed by an active question-answer session. During the second half of the day, the participants were divided into two groups and were given hands-on training on the RFMS software. They were asked to feed in a sample RFD (prepared for training purposes) into the RFMS. Each participant’s doubts, queries and difficulties regarding the preparation of the RFD through RFMS were clarified simultaneously. This allowed them to get a feel of the real RFMS, increasing their confidence; and also enabled them to understand the RFD and the process that goes into its preparation.

The hands-on training was mostly organized and managed by the Knowledge Network Administrators (KNAs) Ritvik Mishra & Shreya Dutt, whereas the theoretical part was led by the PMD Resource team of Mr Sandeep Chugh, Sandeep Yadav and Mr. Rakesh Choudhary. The KNAs ensured that each participant was introduced to and familiarized with the GO-PEM-PAL Network. All the participants of the workshop having a valid email id were registered as members of the ‘RFMS Training’ COP (Community of Practice). This has helped us in creating a vast database of officials from all the Directorates of the Assam Government. These members can now be easily contacted through the COP, and their queries pertaining to Performance Management in Government, and more specifically those related to RFDs and RFMS can be resolved immediately by the KNAs.

The KNAs also gave an elaborate description about the Performance Management Division’s website, showing the special features of the website and how the department is working for effective and efficient governance by bringing about transparency, increasing accountability and developing more advanced ways of monitoring and evaluating the performances of the Government Ministries and Departments. Further, other performance related issues such as ISO, Sevottam, Innovation, and Corruption Mitigation were also touched upon during the training session. The KNAs showed the trainees the service standards of all the officers of PMD including their own (displayed on the department’s website), proving right the old saying “We practice what we preach”.


Overall, it can be said that it was a highly successful workshop. The training by the PMD Resource Team along with the Knowledge Network Administrators was very well received.  The team was able to impart information about the PMES & RFD system, along with hands-on training of the RFMS. All the trainees are now members of our COP which would help us in future communication and collaboration with them. Their queries, doubts, and problems can be duly addressed by the KNAs and the PMD Team on the COP, and their suggestions and requirements can also be embraced from time to time. It should also be noted that the Principal Secretary, Personnel, AR & Training Department, Assam, Mr RK Bora (IAS AM: 85) along with Deputy Secretary in charge, Mr JVN Subramanyam (IAS AM: 09) are esteemed and active members of our COP.