Symposium on New Public Management

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IIFT, New Delhi
  Organized by  
Peorformance Management Division,
Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India
  Institue of Public Enterprise (IPE),
Osmania University 

Symposium on New Public Management at 9:45 AM on Friday, October 4, 2013, at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT Bhawan, B-21 Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi, is being organized in collaboration with the Institute for Public Enterprise (IPE), Hyderabad, as part of the newly launched Community of Practice entitled, Government Performance Management Peer Assisted Learning (GO-PEM-PAL).


Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) in collaboration with Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India organized the International Workshop on Government Performance Management (IWGPM) in New Delhi, India from July 1 to 12, 2013. During this Workshop, it was decided that a Community of Practice (COP) on Government Performance Management should be established. Following which the Government Performance Management Peer Assisted Learning (GO-PEM-PALwas formed in July 2013.

Initially, only the participants and faculty of the International Workshop were given membership of the GO-PEM-PAL. Slowly, the membership was increased by spreading awareness about it through various events and activities, like RFD workshops (which included RFMS hands-on training) organized for the directorates of the Assam Government in Guwahati, Assam on the request of the Government of Assam on September 25-27, 2013; technical assistance to Government of Karnataka in reviewing their 2013-14 RFD using RFD Evaluation Methodology (REM); and helping the Sakala Mission, Government of Karnataka get ISO 9001 certified. 

Currently, there are around 15 COP on various topics like ISO implementation, Results Framework Management System (RFMS) users, Global Roundtable on Government Performance Management, etc. The membership of all the COPs together is over 700 government and non-government employees who are related to the field of Government Performance Management (GPM) with 70 international members as well. The COPs not only provide a common platform for discussion on various aspects of GPM but also help maintain a repository of International best practices in this field. These valuable documents are available to the members of the COPs.     

With the membership of the GO-PEM-PAL reaching a sizable number and its popularity increasing steadily, its soft-launch was organized on October 4, 2013 where its logo was launched publically for the first time. The event was chaired by Dr. Prajapati Trivedi, Secretary, Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. He introduced the concept of COP to the audience and highlighted its potential benefits for the Government. The event also was seen as an opportunity to spread awareness about the activities and events organized under the auspices of the GO-PEM-PAL till date and sensitize Government officials towards its future goals.

This initiative is being supported by the World Bank and the UNDP. Mr. Roland Lomme, Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank and Ms. Sumeeta Banerji, Assistant Country Director and Head Democratic Governance, attended the event as the World Bank and UNDP representatives. Mr. Lomme also shared the international experience on COP and outlined the scope of the GO-PEM-PAL.

Keeping in view the objectives and vision of GO-PEM-PAL, it was felt that a lecture on ‘New Public Management’ would be the right topic of discussion on its launch. Thus, the ‘Symposium on New Public Management’ was organized. This made the launch more interesting and an enriching experience. Two internationally recognized speakers were invited to grace the event, Prof. Pradip N Khandwalla, Former Director, IIM Ahmedabadand Dr. Kathleen A. Peroff, Former Member of the Senior Executive Service, US Government.

Prof. Khandwalla shared the principles of ‘New Public Management’ with the audience. His lecture was based on his book titled ‘Transforming Government through New Public Management’, a copy of which  was distributed to everyone who attended the launch along with the copy of the book by Mr. Ken Miller titled ‘Extreme Government Makeovers’. Dr. Peroff shared her invaluable experience in working with the US Government. She focused on how the US government manages the State and Federal relationship especially in cases where schemes are funded by the Federal Government and implemented by the State Government. The complete presentation of the speakers is available on the website.

The launch was a highly successful event. It was attended by over 100 Government Officials from the States and Central Government of India. It sensitized the participants about the COPs and more specifically about the GO-PEM-PAL. Since the launch, the membership of GO-PEM-PAL has increased further. The basic aim of GO-PEM-PAL still remains (a) reaching out to a much wider audience and (b) popularizing the concept of Government Performance Management.    

About the speakers:-

  • Dr. Prajapati Trivedi is Secretary to the Government of India with the responsibility for Performance Management. Based in the Cabinet Secretariat, he reviews and reports on the performance of all government departments to the Cabinet Secretary/Prime Minister.  In addition, he is Chairman of the National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention.  Prior to joining the Government of India, Dr. Trivedi worked for the past fourteen years (1994-2009) as a Senior Economist for the World Bank in Washington, DC. This is his second stint in the Government. Dr. Trivedi was Economic Adviser to Government of India from 1992-94. A distinguished academician, Dr. Trivedi was STC Chair Professor of Public Sector Management and Director of the Centre for Public Enterprise Management at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) from 1987-1992. Starting his career as an Economics faculty member of the prestigious St. Stephen’s College in 1974, he continues to be a visiting faculty at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. In addition to other leading universities of the World, he has taught at Harvard University on a regular basis since 1979. Dr. Trivedi studied at St. Stephen’s College (BA Economics Honours), London School of Economics (M. Sc. Economics) and Boston University (Ph.D. Economics). He has worked in more than 25 countries of the World and published five major books on various aspects of public sector management and privatization. One of his books is used as an Economics textbook at Harvard University.
  • Professor Pradip N. Khandwalla, is a former Director of IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) and arguably world’s leading management expert on organizational design. We have asked him to speak on the highlights of his book entitled, “Transforming Government through New Public Management.” A cover of his recent book on the subject is enclosed for your information. Every one attending this event will be given a complimentary copy of this fascinating and insightful book. In fact, the origins of many of the key recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (2nd ARC) can be found in this lucid exposition of emerging field of New Public Management.
  • Dr. Kathleen A. Peroff, was till recently a member of the senior executive civil service in USA and worked with and reported directly to presidential policy officials under four US Presidents. She had responsibility for oversight, preparation, and implementation of over one-half of the discretionary budget of the US Government.   We have requested her to share the experience of performance management in the US Government with special reference to management of interface between Federal and State governments. She will share US experience with the management of federally funded projects executed by state governments.