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The International Workshop on Government Performance Management (IWGPM) was held in New Delhi, India from July 1- 12, 2013, organized by Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) in collaboration with Performance Management Division (PMD), Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. During this Workshop, it was decided that a Community of Practice (COP) on Government Performance Management (GPM) will be established. This COP will be called Government Performance Management Peer Assisted Learning (GO-PEM-PAL).

To be a recognized as a leading knowledge network for promoting excellence in Government Performance Management globally.
To be a knowledge network which codifies existing knowledge, generates new knowledge, promotes sharing of knowledge, and collaboration amongst its members with the aim to achieve excellence in Government Performance Management (GPM) globally.
  1. Address GPM issues of members through knowledge sharing among community members.
  2. Provide to members quality resources, network services, and support for relevant GPM practices.
  3. Ceate a financially-viable network of public management professionals, committed to improving GPM practices.
  4. Raise awareness at high government, political and policy maker levels regarding the benefits and value of engaging through GO-PEM-PAL.
  5. Help and support members in popularizing and implementing GPM Systems in their countries.
  6. Identify common problems and help generate possible solutions to fulfil both individual and group goals.
  7. Facilitate learning amongst members by encouraging them to share their experiences.
  8. Creation of new knowledge in the domain of Government Performance Management.
  9. Sustain interaction and collaboration amongst its members on an on-going basis to keep up the spirit of community.