Online MoU System for Central Public Sector Enterprises in India: One-day Stakeholder Consultations and Discussions

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Introduction In order to make the performance evaluation and monitoring of public enterprises more efficient and transparent, the Department of Public Enterprise Government of India with the support of Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat initiated a system of RFMS MoU which was synchronized with the Results framework Document initiative of the government. This project has been funded by the Institute of Public Enterprise (IPE) through the GOPEMPAL project – Government Performance Management Peer assisted Learning of the World Bank. The RFMS-MoU system has been rechristened as the Online MoU system.The MoU Guidelines for the year 2015-16 has highlighted the need for implementing RFMS MoU system from this year onwards.Objectives The main objective of the one-day consultations is to discuss issues and challenges in the implementation of the Online MoU system which is expected to go on-line from October/November 2015 and to develop a common understanding among all the stakeholders about the systemProposed Participants The proposed participants of the programme will include:

  • Representatives from Department of Public Enterprise
  • Nodal officers from CPSEs responsible for Online MoU system
  • Representatives from Performance Management Division, Cabinet Secretariat
  • Representatives from NIC team developing the tool
  • Resource persons/subject experts

Travel Arrangements The CPSE representatives are expected to fund their own travel, while IPE will provide accommodation, local hospitality and food.For the DPE, PMD, Resource Persons and NIC representatives, IPE will book the travel and provide accommodation, local hospitality and food. Tentative Date and Venue Tentative dates: 9th October 2015Venue: Institute of Public Enterprise, Shameerpet, Hyderabad